Optimism for 2021

Thank you for all the lovely analogue and digital greetings over the holidays and wishes for the new year! As written in our last post, we keep focusing on the opportunities of these challenging times. Successful online and hybrid formats that enable participation for some people are one such opportunity that we seized in 2020. These will continue to complement our work in a good way in the future! What opportunities did you see, feel, touch and seize in 2020?

Inclusion as a superpower and wishes

Like this whole year, our Christmas party was also different. We met online and unwrapped our gifts one by one – the unwrappers with their eyes closed at first. In this way, we touched and guessed the best surprises and were very happy with this safe way of celebrating. This is also an expression of flexible adaptation, a superpower that we all have in the team by now, because flexibility is always required in inclusive contexts. In this spirit, we wish all our clients, cooperation partners and supporters: Health, courage, hugs, inclusive cooperation, hope and ease!

A sign of life

The fact that we haven’t posted anything here for so long is a sign of a lot of life behind the scenes of <Platz da!>: in the last few months, we’ve advised the most amazing clients, been to Russia and Ukraine with INKuLtur and made culture more digital and accessible with KuDiBa – of course online! In this process, we not only secretly wore Polish slippers, but also longed for the balcony office, so we made nonsense with fake deer heads in front of Zoom and realised that we would have to postpone the founding of our association until January. Now we are looking forward to quieter days and wish them to all our customers, cooperation partners and supporters.