Impressions from our creative weekende

A weekend full of work and celebration – of course including the normal madness of inclusion : ) A tactile image full of wishes in Braille was created and we met as a team; the result was: <Platz da!> 2019, we’re coming!


Time to get started

We can realize our project “Our time only for you – (art) dreams come true”, because the support program Durchstarten chose the project of Katrin Dinges and <Platz da!>: in cooperation with Mina e.V. and Berlinische Galerie we’ll make (art) dreams of severely multiple handicapped children and teenagers come true!

Now sign up!


The 2ndliving room workshop of Katrin Dinges: Have you always wanted to slip into the skin of a fairy tale character? Then come to me. In my living room you can play with your imagination and think about fairy tales for everyone. Please register quickly, the places are limited! Find out where my living room is: Workshop fee between 3-15 € ad libitum.

A red card for…

Last week we used the new cards <Make room!> for explaining again a lot. We should all ask a lot more often, question and slow down…that increases the quality of exchange!