Presentation in the Märkischen Museum

P8070018 KopieCan’t visually perceive anything for a moment? Last Tuesday Silja Korn and Mirjam Ottlewski gave a workshop on the subject of “idea of man, inclusion and attitude” to the participants in the volunteer’s training programme in the Märkisches Museum, in which they explained what it feels like to encounter barriers in the field of seeing.

© LMB | Foto: Anke Steinfurth/Anne-Sophie Gutsche


Let us be happy and cheerful

Last weekend at Bekech we looked back at the <Platz da!> year 2018 and it’s very impressive: Mirjam Ottlewski and Alena Kühn are two great new employees in the core team, we have a big consulting job and various creative projects in the pipeline. We’re looking forward to 2019!


Today, on the Day of People with “Disabilities” (the quotation marks as a reference to the social construct), we continue to make barriers visible. This time discovered while walking and more in terms of content than construction: why is one garden allowed to have a theme and the other has to name a target group that doesn’t