…the project “Platz da!”

The art-mediation project “Platz da!” (Make space!) addresses the question who actually mediates art. Who mediates normally and how does the perspective on art change if these people are persons with disabilities? The project invites female mediators with disabilities to debate about the art exhibited at nGbK and to develop their own strategies of mediation. Stefanie Wiens project wants the visitor to approach art together with the female mediators and by doing so discovering it in new ways.

The project is based on the realisation that inclusion can only work in public if it is lived offstage. “Platz da!” is realised in frame of the 2017 scholarship program on art mediation by nGbK.


… the initiator Stefanie Wiens


Stefanie Wiens is a culture manager and mediator focusing her work on inclusion. She has researched and published theoretically to the theme “The Inclusive Museum” (nominated thesis, evaluation in cooperation with GETEQ) and performs inclusion practically (Neue Perspektiven gewinnen!)

Stefanie Wiens works on a freelance basis for diverse social holders and regularly gives lectures and holds workshops. During her studies she worked as a museum educator and studied a semester at Jagiellonen university in Kraków.

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