Thank you for the virtual flowers, dear team of Familia Futura! We had an incredible amount of fun working together : ) What a great summary and reflection of our last four workshops:

“Last week we had our final training with Platz da! Since April, we have been working together with the staff of Platz da! in four different meetings on barriers in the areas of seeing, hearing, moving and learning, and we have asked ourselves very specifically how we can reduce such barriers at Familia*Futura. In the process, we have learned a great deal. We have shared some of our thoughts with you here:

Inclusion of all is valuable for all.

Inclusion changes the perspective on the world.

We want inclusion – now. And: inclusion takes time. That means: this time has to be planned from the beginning. For example, with questions like: which perspectives are represented on the team? In what language forms does the event take place (only for hearing, or also for seeing, reading and feeling?).

We also talked very specifically about how barriers can be considered and reduced in the preparation, implementation and follow-up – this begins with the Internet presence, the accessibility of information, with the route to the event and continues with the question of what opportunities are offered for feedback and evaluation. In between, there are a great many opportunities and needs to break down barriers and enable accessibility.

Platz da! offers consultations for inclusion and accessible cultural mediation. From us a big recommendation to familiarize yourself with the offers of Platz da! and to use them.

Image description: Screenshot of the Zoom meeting with the teams of Platz da! and Familia*Futura. Eleven people can be seen holding balloons into the camera, among other things. Red background, white text: Impressions from the workshop with Platz da!”

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