Solidarity with all


240,000 people at #unteilbar; we’re thrilled!!! <Platz da!> was also there to draw attention to those who may not be there. Our great Katrin Dinges, who couldn’t be there herself, has written a text

Solidarity with all!!!

Also with those who don’t want to go today, couldn’t go or aren’t allowed to!

With people who are too sick to leave the house!

With people without the necessary assistance!

With people who couldn’t find out about this demo because of the lack of necessary tools or access to information!

With people whose senses are too fine and for which such a major event would therefore only means stress!

With people who are in prison!

With people with escape or other experience of violence that might panic in such a concentrated crowd of people!

With people who don’t know their rights because of (severe multiple) disability or who are not interested in his event, who cannot speak for themselves or stand up for their needs!

With people who work in jobs or who have to meet deadlines, that make it impossible for them to take part in this demonstration today, even if they might have liked to be there!

Solidarity with all those who cannot be named here!

I myself belong to them!

For me, such a big event is too strenuous,

I don’t have enough assistance today,

That could help me with orientation and understanding.

But I really wanted to participate!

That is why I am very grateful

That there are people

That allow me to participate indirectly!

Because I can do that!

I have the privilege

To choose my words,

To stand up for me,

To be able to speak for myself and others!

I also understand solidarity as such a thing!

Just as the sea consists of billions of drops,

Our society consists of many individual people,

who deserve respect, solidarity and affection!

Every person is unique!

Each person has a message

When he*she came to this world!

Its important to discover this treasure,

Dig him out

and marvel at it!

No matter how ingenuous or disinterested

This personality may appear to us first!

Solidarity with those who are not present today!

Solidarity with every single person!

I’d go to the streets today,

If I had the opportunity!

Thanks to my wonderful mediator,

Who will present my text and distribute it!

Thanks to all who march here today!

I am proud to belong to this community

And to raise my voice

For the Unheard,

The Unseen

And not mentioned

Solidarity with all!!!

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