Digital Annual Reception

On August 17, the annual reception of the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities  took place digitally. Great was the possibility to follow the live stream in sign language, easy language and with audio descreption. That should be an affordable standard! The exchange possibility afterwards worked more or less, although I don’t think it was really barrier-free. There needs to be further development here!

After all these claims, it remains to summarize: Ninia Binias and Jürgen Dusel were great, the cultural contributions too, but live and in color, discussing, eating and dancing is even nicer – and more accessible : )

We’ll be signing online again on Saturday 28 August from 2-5 p.m. with the Bundeskunsthalle for their impressive exhibition “Dress Code – The Game with Fashion”. Deaf art mediator Juliane Steinwede will also be there. We still have some places left for deaf, hard of hearing or hearing people who would like to exchange ideas and meet people on the subject of “fashion”.

Registration and purchase of tickets under the following link:

Desciption: The image shows a screenshot of a zoom conference. The four participants Birgit Tellmann, Juliane Steinwede, Rachid Jabado and Stefanie Wiens are smiling at the camera and making various hand signs.

Mascha Kaléko and Easy Language

The great poet Mascha Kaléko had a similarly frustrating experience in her life as we have in our work: her poems were called “too simple”.

After all, our accessibility concepts are also sometimes judged to be “too simple”. We write them in easy language as much as possible so that all team members can understand them and stand behind them.

Besides, why complicate things when they can be simple? Or as Mascha Kaléko already stated back then:

“Today, however, it is again necessary to write poetry as incomprehensibly as possible, not because one has to (…) but because the more complicated, or better the more complicated-sounding, impresses the readers.”

Mascha, we feel for you! And to all readers: Read her poems!

Image description: The image is divided horizontally into two parts. In the upper part there is a photo and in the lower part a quotation text.

The photo shows a book lying on a brown and an orange woollen blanket. The book title “Mascha Kaléko” is also written in orange letters on the cover. The author’s name, Jutta Rosenkranz, is written above it. The cover picture is a black and white portrait of Mascha Kaléko. Only her face, framed by dark hair, can be seen, which she rests on the flat of her hand. She is looking at the viewer.The quote below is written in black capital letters and reads (in German): “Weiß Gott, ich bin ganz unmodern. Ich schäme mich zuschanden: Zwar liest man meine Verse gern, Doch werden sie – verstanden!” = “God knows, I am quite unfashionable. I am ashamed: Though my verses are read with pleasure, But they are – understood!” The name of the author, Mascha Kaléko, is written under the quotation.

Holiday and support

Sometimes you don’t just need to holiday, you also need support! After a wonderful holiday, I now have support for the social media area, thanks to @annahantschke, with whom I share a passion for ice cream and who now supports me here.

The reason? I just haven’t been able to do posts and such lately, in addition to my work for the association and the ongoing orders and projects…and that’s such a shame, because there are always so many wonderful things to report from us. So, I am very happy, because from now on there will be something to read here more regularly again!

Image description:
The photo shows Stefanie Wiens and Anna Hantschke sitting next to each other in front of an outside wall. Both are to be seen in the portrait and look smiling at the viewer. They are each holding an ice cream cone in their hands.


On Saturday, September 18 we sign-date again from 14-17 clock. This time to the exciting exhibition “Beuys – Lehmbruck. Thinking is sculpture” at the Bundeskunsthalle. Here is the registration: