Finding the way to culture

The visit to a cultural institution begins at home when potential visitors look for their way to it. How great is it when the institution provides a folder as a pdf or for printing, which describes the way from the railway track to the institution with pictures, in easy language and of course good contrasts? It’s super great! That’s why we produce them and have them tested, as alway, by the experts.

Offline art experience

Once again in Hamburger Bahnhof, completely offline receiving art (also outside : ) … was nice. Old memories of a bachelor and master thesis are awakened, both of them already pointing in the direction of <Platz da!>…

Article about Sign-Dating

Artikel Bonn

A review of the beginning of the year and our Sign-Dating in Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. Even if the reporting can never choose the words we would have chosen ourselves, a nice memory! By the way: we are currently considering translating the Sign-Dating offline format into an online format : )

Online team meetings and rest as a present


We are grateful for the opportunity to meet online, cause it’s better than nothing. Listening, talking and laughing works. Singing a birthday song synchronously, smelling the scent of flowers in the office and touching them doesn’t work. Therefore we describe the scent and texture and plan an offline meeting. But we already agreed that the pandemic has given us all peace of mind – even if we perceived it differently with different senses. The sighted people from <Platz da!> may have found peace more in themselves than in the world, which was really quieter for blind team members during the early days of Corona.