Podcasts recommendations

Corona gives some people time to listen to podcasts. We recommend the episode of the Monopol podcast “Diversity in the Museum“, which is already from 2020 but combines many great perspectives. At least there is a written summary for those who do not communicate in spoken language. 

The podcast “All Inclusive” by Ninia La Grande is a general recommendation. Ninia is great anyway, has exciting guests and there is always a transcription.

I, at least, am already eagerly waiting for season number 2. Both podcasts are in German.

Reading for the weekend

Ever heard of the Zero Project? This project is committed to a world without barriers. So far, so general : ) Of course, there are more specific ideas to inclusion: in the new Almanac, Patrick Marx, Silja Korn and Stefanie Wiens, among others, were interviewed about the removal of barriers in art education. But read it yourself, and for the ones, that can see, take a look too: the pictures of us have been translated into drawings. Here you can download the whole magazine in German an English: https://zeroproject.org

Raise your cups: Founding an association online

There is a reason to toast with <Platz da!> cups: we are a registered, non-profit association! What started in 2017 now has a legal form that we will use to raise funds and thus implement inclusion. With DGS interpreters and (comprehension) assistants, our online association foundation was a good start for what is yet to come: continuing to look after each other, learning from each other and sweating from time to time! Translating the bureaucratic language of the association’s statutes into simple language is quite difficult : )

Zoom tired? Please think about privileges!

Please think about privileges before moaning about zoom fatigue again. These are the privileges that go with it: 1. having internet access, 2. having the hardware and Zoom, 3. having the knowledge or assistance to use this only partially accessible tool and 4. having nothing more important to complain about in these times! I too sit here sometimes helpless in front of the screen, but I am grateful to be able to sit here like this, to see or hear my team and to be able to work.

Online event: Participation and inclusion in times of Corona

On 28th of January 2021 from 10:30 – 13:00, Katrin Dinges, Swantje Noack and Stefanie Wiens from Platz da Team will, as part of #performingsafety, talk about challenges and opportunities in the pandemic, tensions between hygiene concepts and accessibility, digital and analogue barriers and their possible solutions, among other topics. Event in German spoken language. We look forward to your registration here: performing.safety@pap-berlin.de