We are looking for a further team member


Do financial-, liquidity- and profitability planning plus pricing mean something to you? Do you feel like working in a startup with meaning? For our team we are looking for growth in the area of finance. Our company trains people with different “disabilities” to guides and workshop leaders in museums. We also advise on accessibility and inclusive education formats. We offer flexible work time and a great team atmosphere. More information and contact: platzda@mailbox.org


First project ideas with the Stechlininstitut together

20180830_091322.jpegBe curious what a project we have concocted together with the Stechlininstitut or rather are just about to concoct!

A guest by alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura

Yesterday Stefanie Wiens was a guest in the Alpha nova and gallery futura. In exchange with other cultural workers who deal with health care, illness and disability in exhibitions, educational projects, activist and artistic practices, she presented her findings on the inclusive working structures of <Platz da!>.

Best regards from our garden gnome

Do you remember the <Platz da! > garden gnome? His destination was not Berlin, but the field of garden dwarves in the Pampas somewhere in Germany : ) There Julia Lehmann installed it. Time to finally thank all the friends and supporters of <Platz da!>: THANK YOU for your encouragement, for taking barriers out of the way and making things possible!

Here goes to the garden gnome – video