Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Last week we went to Akademie der Künste and discussed together with KIWit staff how our workshop in April will take place there. One thing is certain: we dare a lot, so that you can be curious! More information on content and registration will be published in time on this channel and on our website.

Coloured dough on a grey day

Creative, sensual and descriptive was the workshop on February, the 2nd in Amerika Gedenkbibliothek. In a small group our expert Silja presented the procedure of a good description. We had a great exchange with the participants and everyone was happy about the colorful modelling clay on this grey day in February : )

What is a museum?

Last week some of us listened to the debate about the new museum definition at Jüdisches Museum. How we find the new proposal probably doesn’t need to be mentioned here, but the students of HTW who organized this with Susan Kamel must be mentioned, because the critical moderation and great organization of the event was excellent; thanks for that!

Think and touch

Friday we met to talk about our currently planned foundation of an association. In order not to be too text-heavy with the (partly bureaucratic) statutes of the association, we all brought an object with us, which describes how we spent the first time in the new year – touching something in between is not only great for blind people! The stories to the objects may be invented by yourself; have fun : )