Allthough on MUTEC 2018

A conference with the right and important topic “How neutral are museums?” and the invitation to take a stand. I liked to do this and was grateful for fellow campaigner Yvonne Zindel on the podium, because one thing became clear: Many museums are still shaped by people who follow a concept that prevents diversity in front of and behind the scenes of the organizations.


Always there


We’ve not yet reported about the conference “Mit Bestimmung! Politische Dimensionen musealer Vermittlung”, there is the next one “Stellung beziehen!Wie neutral sind Museen?” already. In Dresden the audience thanked for a consistent and dedicated lecture and in Leipzig Stefanie Wiens is looking forward to exciting discussions with the colleagues at the panel: What is being told? What is omitted?





Registration for a workshop

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Living room workshops, which are later transferred into the museum? This format for testing various workshops was invented by Katrin Dinges. Register quickly; number of participants is limited to 8.

  1. Living room Workshop: Creative Writing, 24.11.18, 3:00 – 7:00 pm

Have you always wanted to perform with words? Then come by. I’ll show you some tricks with the magic wand of words! Where my living room is, you’ll find out here: Workshop fee between 3-15 € ad libitum.