Diversity Day

Today, we are virtually showing #FlaggefürVielfalt! with our “Strength-Seed-Balloons”, which we are sending to many of our workshop participants. They arrive offline in your mailbox for a change and remind you of your strengths that will carry you through this time. When you plant them, you can watch them grow. We have also done this within our team and can only say that concentrating on the strengths of everyone helps a lot, so feel free to reproduce!


Thanks for the flowers

Sometimes the struggle for inclusion is exhausting and then “receiving flowers” helps; so thank you for the real flowers and the oral ones in form of positive feedback : ) In order to motivate others to continue their fight, we send new <Platz da!> mail today. In this sense: the weekend is the well-deserved break; please enjoy!

On International Museum Day

Of course, today, on International Museum Day, we would have liked to present you a barrier-free programme to the motto “Diversity” with our cooperation partners; there were many ideas. Now everything is different and therefore we would like to refer to a Ted Talk by our heroine Nina Simon in this post. It summarizes very well what institutions need to do to become more inclusive: 12 minutes worth listening to.

Work online

I wonder at how much people can work together online. Maybe this “room” even makes it easier to open up!? Definitely, you can reach people who otherwise would not be reached. Many advantages, discoveries and still at the same time anticipation of outside and offline encounters : )

Home office, mail and masks

In these times we should make our home office as nice as possible, send mail and see each other when necessary. So: go out on the balcony, send out mail, also in Braille, put on your mask and and take a walk together. Ive now received my first mail in Braille and the guessing around the message is a lot of fun : ) Have a nice weekend!