We have collaborated even more with the INKuLtur project. The project team invited us to write a strategy paper on collaboration between cultural institutions and experts who encounter various barriers. So Katrin Dinges and I described the most important measures in the areas of staff, program and audience from our point of view. If you work in a cultural institution yourself: the strategy paper is for you : ) If you know people who work in a cultural institution: Please forward the link to them!

You will find the link to the English version here and soon to the German and Ukrainian version on the project homepage inkultur.org.

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In a gray frame on a white background, the following is written in black letters: Realizing that there are no people with disabilities in your cultural institution is the first step to change. LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO FILL IN THE MISSING PERSPECTIVES! These words come from the strategy paper that Katrin Dinges and Stefanie Wiens wrote for INKuLtur.


Long overdue is this post and note about what we did in the “break” anyway. Among other things, we worked again with the project INKuLtur. The project team has made a video tutorial course by experts*innen from the inclusion and cultural field speak. Silja Korn , Patricia Carl and I joined from the team to talk about cost-effective ways to overcome barriers and what barriers we keep encountering. Silja Korn and I even got into acting, so feel free to listen and watch.

You can find the link to the courses in our link here. They are available on the platform UDEMY for free in German spoken language with Russian, Ukrainian and English subtitles after one-time registration. Unfortunately, the video course is not accessible. A transcript of the videos as accessible PDFs will soon be published on the project homepage inkultur.org.

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Photo 1: This shows the upper bodies of Stefanie Wiens (right) and Silja Korn (left). Both are sitting and facing each other. Silja is talking and Stefanie is smiling at her. Both are wearing a blazer with name tag and glasses.

Photo 2: Stefanie Wiens (left) and Patricia Carl (right) can be seen in this one. They are both sitting on a chair and facing each other: They are looking at each other in a friendly way and their right and left hands, respectively, are moving toward the other (as sometimes happens when people have animated exchanges). Both are wearing a name tag.

A logo: Pink background with white writing “Interactive Inclusion”. Below that, 3 hands on top of each other in a yellow circle. Orange lettering “A Beginners Guide to Inclusion in the Cultural Sphere”.

Thanks for your tips! Fortunately, thanks to you, it went very quickly: I have a key to a new, quiet workspace, where my team and I can roll old and new ideas. Of course, this also required a keychain with meaning: on Slide 2, then, the Braille keychain, on which I naturally set the letter P in Braille. I have so many thoughts right now, but first and foremost I am just grateful that I can grasp clear thoughts at all and finish them in peace. I have to think of Virginia Wolf’s essay “A Room to Yourself” and now I want to say not only as a woman but also as a mother: I need this! At home with a small child, this was simply not possible.

Image description

  1. the logo with key pictogram: black square on white background. At the top left of the square, a plain black font with “Platz” and at the bottom right, the same with “da”. In the white center of the square are two stylized keys on a ring (pictogram of Srinivas Agra by Noun Project).
  2. a photo of the real key ring: two keys on a yellow Braille key ring, with which man can set all letters of the alphabet in tactile dots, i.e. in Braille. Currently, a P can be seen.
  3. a detail photo of the new working place: a piece of a white desk can be seen. In the foreground is a white cup with logo on it and a ballpoint pen and green paper stickers in it. Behind it on the left is a pink flower pot with green leaves falling from the side. In the background you can see a window with a green view.

So slowly I resurface, so slowly we become active again…now with baby, which makes happy and tired : ) So here’s a first “hello world” after the break – with a drawing of the photo of me and my son by the great @IlkaBruehl, which she drew as part of her support action for Ukraine.

Why we were not so quiet in the meantime and a few orders from particularly great customers and cooperation partners simply had to be made, you will learn in the next posts.

#PlatzDaBerlin #Inklusion #BarrierefreieKulturvermittlung #Barrierefreiheit #HalloNachPause

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A photo: This shows Stefanie Wiens with her baby. The picture is cropped from the head to the elbows. She is holding the baby in her arms, whose head is covered with a red heart. She smiles into the camera. A bookshelf can be seen in the background.

A drawing: this one is by @IlkaBruehl, who drew the photo described. The photo is reduced here to black lines on a white background

Break and Farewell

With this post we say goodbye to Facebook. The reasons: Most people follow us on Instagram or read along on our website, where all posts are always posted under “News”. In addition, a baby now demands a lot of attention.

In this baby break, we as a team will look back at the last few years of our work, reflect on it and adjust it. The insights will then flow directly into the present and the future, where we are planning a big inclusion project as a growing association. Remains to say: Thank you for following, sharing and liking and see you soon on Instagram or our website!

Image description:
A photo with text. The photo shows the upper body of Stefanie Wiens. The picture is cropped from the chest to the hips. Stefanie has a big baby bump and her hands are on it. Between her hands she holds a bright red autumn leaf. She wears a blue-gray dress, a gray woolen scarf and her nails are painted red. In the background there are indistinct autumn leaves and water in which trees are reflected.
Above the lower part of the photo is placed a slightly transparent white rectangle and the following text: “We are taking a break. – The <Platz da!> team”