Fully booked: Online Sign Dating / Sa., 14.11.20 / 2-5 pm

Together with Bundeskunsthalle, we conduct our sign-dating format online (in German spoken language and Sign language) today. The offer is for hearing impaired, deaf and hearing people. It’ll take place in conjunction with the exhibition “Max Klinger and the artwork of the future” with deaf art educator Juliane Steinwede. As in the offline offer, there will also be an online workshop part, in which people will exchange ideas without spoken language. Barrier-free communication is ensured for the rest of the workshop through interpreters. We are fully booked.

Sink or urinal?

Yesterday at the visual check it became clear again how much it is small things that need to be thought about: changing furniture such as chairs makes orientation difficult for blind visitors; different, non-slip floor coverings on the other hand provide orientation. The information about a urinal in a toilet is crucial, because blind people sometimes unlock this room by touching it and then it can quickly become uncomfortable (see picture). Luckily there is always a Gucki ( = sighted person, german word) at such a check, so we just escaped the urinal yesterday and could laugh about it : )

Inclusion Designer training

The last two days we were in Nachbarschaftshaus Ostseeviertel with Vska and have recognized and overcome barriers with experts for their own needs and employees of different district centers. For this purpose we built the barrier-free district centers of our dreams. Another dream was the spontaneous drum action at the end, the thanks with flowers and self-sewn masks from the participants. In spite of the new working reality influenced by Corona, the training was a complete success! 

Orientation…always the orientation!

We reported about the photo folder that explains the way from the track of the train station to the cultural institution…but what happens on site? How should a good guidance system be designed? On the pictures you can see how we discuss the drafts of the designer Miriam Seith together with the vska in the project “Stadtteilzentren inkluisv”. We are also examining whether and how the visual guidance system can also be thought of tactilely in the future.

You can be in a flow state…

…offline and online. I notice again and again how much the combination works for me and many of the participants in our online offers: during an online input, you paint, draw, write something down, solve a task etc. at home at your desk.