You can be in a flow state…

…offline and online. I notice again and again how much the combination works for me and many of the participants in our online offers: during an online input, you paint, draw, write something down, solve a task etc. at home at your desk.

<Platz da!> online and offline

Our work is currently taking place online a lot, but slowly also offline again. We are very happy about the latter and are curious to see how we can make art education in a barrier-free way and in compliance with the current Coroana hygiene concepts – for example with the project “Ausnahmen sind hier die Regel! Inklusive Bildungsarbeit an Museen” der smb, we’ll report!

This year is almost planned

While we participate in the pre-jury for the art mediation scholarship of the nGbK, finish a photo folder in easy language, meet many people (among others Janis, thank you for your time and drawings), this year fills itself. We are, especially in times of Corona, very grateful for that!

Offline event

Last week we were invited to a network meeting of PAP. It was a very special meeting, cause since a long time we met offline again…and even if single plastic bags over the mic seem strange at first (and are not sustainable) it was totally nice to exchange directly. Thanks for the great and safe organization PAP, we are looking forward to further cooperation!

<Platz da!> (miejsce tam) w Gdańsku

Ostatnim razem było trochę ciszej bo byłam na urlopie szkoleniowym w Gdańsku. Tam uczę się ciągle języka polskiego i buduję nowe oraz podtrzymuję wieloletnie relacje z ludźmi z Polski i Niemiec. Cieszę się morskim powietrzem i wyjątkową atmosferą Gdańska! Po powrocie do Berlina, w ramach polsko-niemieckiej wymiana, planuje się, że kultura stanie się bardziej wolna od barier – w celu uzyskania na to środków finansowych, pomoże nam nasze obecnie działające założenie ferajna : )