Poem from our deaf-blind culture educator


On Monday something beautiful of Katrin Dinges. During our stay in Stechlin she did some lyrical experiments. The following text is one of the results, a translation of the german poem:

Do you know where we are?

In the fairytale Land of Dreams,

of blue cherries, pink trees,

Where things change like the Wind,

Like the fantasy that thinks like a child,

The ideas are not foams,

They create new, colourful spaces,

They open and close quickly.

A door that consists of loud wind,

From Air snake horses bridles,

As much as I dream,

Thoughts that are unreal elsewhere.


We are looking for supporters in the range of Controlling/ Finances

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-10 um 11.10.17.png

Are you a business economist and do you have experience in controlling? Are you looking for a job with meaning? Then we’re searching for you to complete our <Platz da!> team. We train people with different “disabilities” to guides and workshop leaders in museums. Their work helps museums that want to open up to visitors with “disabilities” by reducing barriers in guided tours and workshops and thus becoming more accessible and more important (again) for many people. More information and contact: platzda@mailbox.org.

Impressions from our blind cultural educator

Silja Korn describes how she perceived the Pride parade as a blind person:

The <Platz da!> team danced wildly at the Pride Parade. I felt incredibly comfortable and in good hands among the people. Everyone paid attention to the other. The organizers had even thought of a resting-room for those who needed a break. On <Platz da!> balloons we wrote what’s still not working in society and let them rise to the sky.